Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Stage Design

The BBC, host broadcaster for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, has unveiled the impressive stage our 37 artists will be performing on in Liverpool this May. Julio Himede, the Set Designer for Liverpool 2023 has based his stage design on the principles of ‘togetherness, celebration and community’.

Across more than 450 square metres of staging, this stunning set brings together another 220 square metres of independently moving and turning video screens, as well as over 700 video tiles integrated into the floor and more than 1500 metres of LED lights.

Its architecture taking inspiration from “a wide hug that enfolds the Liverpool Arena”, which is set to give the impression of “opening its arms to Ukraine, and the show’s performers and guests from across the world”, according to the BBC.

The structure will be created by New York-based design firm Yellow Studio, which has previously served as the design team behind last year’s Grammy Awards ceremony and the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.