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It's all 'APPening at Echo Arena!

03 June 2011

TheEcho Arena has become the first music arena in the UK to create a suite of apps which can be used across all smartphone platforms.

The venue was the first arena to launch an iPhone app last year and has now launched apps across Android, iPhone (including iPad and iPod touch), Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry handsets.

It means smartphone users with handsets using these operating systems can now browse the venue's events and use the tools on the apps to make their Echo Arena experience easier.

The apps enable users to search for events, book tickets and get location and route-planner information directions.

They also offer listings for a range of other venues across Liverpool. Commercial Director at ACC Liverpool, Tim Banfield, said: "Thousands of people have already downloaded our app, which demonstrates the value of the technology to our customers. Using innovative technology is one of the best ways of ensuring we stay ahead of the competition and we’ll be working on further updates and customer tools in the coming year."

Apps can be found here:



Windows 7 Phone