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05 January 2018

UPDATE - 18:00, 5 JANUARY 2018

Latest update from Liverpool City Council on insurance claims 


 Vehicle owners affected by the devastating car park fire at the Liverpool Waterfront Car Park are being urged to get in touch with Liverpool City Council, so they can be kept informed about latest developments as recovery work at the site continues.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, explained: “I want to reassure all those people who had vehicles in the car park that we will do everything we can to assist them during this traumatic time.

“To help us do that, I am urging them to contact us via the form on our website so we can keep them up-to-date as work continues to make the site safe. We will ensure they have the latest information, including any photographs and footage from inside the car park.”

 Mayor Anderson added: “I have already written to the Association of British Insurers asking them to ensure their members respond compassionately and imaginatively and do not delay in making payments.

 “In addition we are exploring whether any of the CCTV from the car park is recoverable as it might help to determine which cars were inside, but it is not clear whether it has even survived the fire. In the meantime, I would urge people to keep their car park tickets as proof.”

Meanwhile the events programme at ACC Liverpool continues as normal.



Security around the Liverpool Waterfront Car Park has been stepped up to prevent public access, with hoardings set to go around the building from this weekend, following the devastating fire on New Year’s Eve.

Despite the extensive damage to the car park, which now has 24 hour security to ensure public safety, ACC Liverpool remains open for business and its full schedule of booked events will still go ahead. 

Liverpool City Council’s Parking Services team is currently making contingency arrangements to provide extra open-air parking in the area.

As soon as the site has been made secure, structural engineers will begin the process of determining the viability of the structure and people are being urged to keep a safe distance from the building. 

The process of removing the 1,305 vehicles that were parked inside is estimated to take many weeks, as most were entirely incinerated.

Mayor Liverpool, Joe Anderson, explained: “We are still in the process of trying to make the site safe so that structural engineers can being the process of analysing the extent of the damage.

“Frankly, it’s likely that the car park will have to be demolished as the fabric of the building has been extensively damaged. To put this in perspective, one of the cars of the third floor has actually crashed through to the floor below.

“So it’s not safe yet even to enter the building and we cannot have anyone risking their lives trying to do so, especially with the strong winds we’re currently experiencing.”

Mayor Anderson added: “I know that some cars have not been destroyed and those people will rightly want to retrieve their vehicles and contents, but I would ask them to bear with us while the recovery work continues.

“We will do everything we can to try and recover any vehicles and possessions that are still viable, but everyone needs to understand that the car park was an inferno and the vast majority of cars were completely incinerated.”

“We are dealing with a freak event and people who have worked in this field for a lifetime have never known anything like it.

“Thank God there was no loss of life in the fire. However public safety must continue to be our Number One concern.”


UPDATE - 6:45pm, 4 JANUARY 2018

We sincerely empathise with everyone whose vehicles were parked in Liverpool Waterfront Car Park and who have been affected by the serious fire which destroyed the car park on December 31.

This is an unprecedented incident in terms of the number of vehicles involved in the fire.   We would like to assure everyone that we are working closely with all parties involved in the ongoing investigation and recovery process, including Liverpool City Council who own the Liverpool Waterfront Car Park.

In the meantime, Merseyside Police has advised that vehicle owners should contact their own insurance company quoting reference 650 of 31 December.

We ask for everyone’s patience while we work through this unique situation.  We will do our utmost to support customers who require additional information and we will be issuing a further statement with more information in the next 48 hours. 



Following the fire which broke out at Liverpool Waterfront Car Park on New Year’s Eve, the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, has initiated an investigation into the circumstances around the cause of the fire and the response to the incident. This will include an overview of all city council procedures as part of the wider multi-agency response.

 The city council now has control of the car park and is in the process of securing the site and removing loose material from the building. Once this has taken place a thorough risk assessment will be carried out, after which structural engineers can get onsite to evaluate the extent of the damage. However, initial examinations show that due to the condition of the floors, it is doubtful the building can be saved. This process is likely to take at least several weeks.

Those people who had a vehicle in the car park at the time of the fire should continue to liaise with their insurance company, using the Merseyside Fire & Rescue incident number 33394 or the Merseyside Police incident number 201712310650 and stating the date of the fire 31 December 2017.

 Please note the car park is NOT accessible.

 Mayor Anderson said: “This was an unprecedented incident and I would firstly like to commend the actions of the emergency services and our partners across the city who worked together on an already incredibly busy evening to deal with the fire.

 “My heart goes out to all those people who have lost property as a result of the fire and we will be contacting insurance companies to urge them to deal with people’s claims as quickly as possible.

 “The aftermath shows the true, devastating scale of the fire, and in these early stages it’s our priority to make sure the car park and the surrounding areas are safe. In the meantime, teams are working hard to find temporary car parking measures.

 “I have received calls from people asking to collect belongings from vehicles they believe may not have been damaged in the fire. Unfortunately, until we can ensure the structure is safe, no one is allowed access.

“As is the case with all major emergencies, we will carry out an investigation looking into the circumstances around the fire and the work undertaken by ourselves and other agencies during and after the fire. I have written to the Minister of State for Policing and the Fire Service to ask whether national building regulations should now be reviewed in relation to installing sprinklers in car parks.”

Liverpool Waterfront Car Park is on the ACC Liverpool campus and adjacent to BT Convention Centre, Echo Arena, Exhibition Centre Liverpool and Pullman Liverpool hotel. 

ACC Liverpool has confirmed that its events programme will proceed as planned.  Fertility 2018, Kia and Lyreco conferences will go ahead, along with events such as Fast and Furious Live at Echo Arena on January 11 and 12 followed by Celebrating Sgt Pepper: Live on January 13.

Work is also being undertaken to identify or create alternative parking provision in the area.

Bob Prattey, chief executive of The ACC Liverpool Group, said: “The Liverpool Waterfront Car Park is closed until further notice and so as part of our contingency plans we are looking at alternative parking arrangements for forthcoming events.  We will continue to communicate with all our clients who are organising forthcoming conferences, exhibitions and entertainment events as well as customers and delegates.  We ask for everyone’s patience and understanding while we work through these plans.

“We would like to once again apologise to customers who were due to attend the evening performance of the Liverpool International Horse Show, which was cancelled as a result of the fire, as well as those people whose vehicles were in the car park and who have been affected by this terrible situation.

“We would like to again express our thanks to the emergency services for their tremendous efforts.”

Merseyside Police reiterated the thank-you with Chief Inspector Chris Hitchell saying: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank our police officers and staff, emergency service colleagues and partner agencies who have worked together over the past few days to manage and control this incident.

 “I would also like to thank neighbouring businesses and the wider public for their patience while this incident was dealt with and remind drivers affected by the incident to contact their insurance companies directly.”

 Chief Fire Officer Dan Stephens from Merseyside Fire & Rescue said: “Firefighters worked tirelessly to contain the fire and prevent it spreading to residential flats and hotels in the immediate vicinity and to evacuate the area of people and animals.

 “At the peak of the fire, 12 fire engines were engaged in firefighting along with additional support vehicles including three combined platform ladders. During the course of the incident, neighbouring Fire Services from Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire provided assistance in the form of additional High Volume Pumps and fire engines.

 “The intensity of the fire caused a partial collapse within the building.

 “This incident received an effective multi-agency response from all of the emergency services, Liverpool City Council and neighbouring authorities, the Environment Agency, Public Health England, NHS England and the Red Cross.

 “All partners would also like to express gratitude towards the surrounding hotels and businesses who provided great assistance with the displacement of people.”


UPDATE - 12:45pm, 2 JANUARY 2018

Liverpool International Horse Show – refund information

Following the cancellation of the New Year’s Eve performance of The Liverpool International Horse Show tickets will be refunded for Sunday 7:30pm performance only.

Ticket refunds are from your original point of purchase, any specific ticket queries should be directed to your point of purchase.

Information for tickets purchased from Echo Arena or TicketQuarter

Card purchases - Your refund will be automatically refunded to the card on which the initial purchase was made – within 4-6 working days dependant on your card provider. 

Cash purchases - Please return to your point of purchase with photo ID and the event tickets if you have them, to collect a full refund.? Please check Box Office opening times below.

Box Office Information:
Our on-site Box Office is open on Fridays from 9am-6pm. On event days, our on-site Box Office opens at midday and remains open until the main act is on stage.


UPDATE - 8:40am, 2 JANUARY 2018
Further advice for anyone affected by the fire at the car park - The temporary enquiry centre at the Pullman Hotel has now been closed down. Thank you to volunteers and British Red Cross for their help. Please direct any vehicle-related enquiries as before to your insurance companies (quoting reference number 650 of December 31) as opposed to calling the emergency services. Thank you for your continued patience and assistance.


UPDATE - 11:40am, 1 JANUARY 2018

We are continuing to work with the emergency services who have worked tirelessly throughout the night to bring the fire under control.

We can confirm again that all people and horses are safe and there were no injuries during this terrible incident.

We are sorry to customers who were due to attend the evening performance of the Liverpool International Horse Show, which was cancelled as a result of the fire, as well as those people whose vehicles were in the car park and who have been affected by this situation. We ask for everyone's patience and understanding while investigations continue.

We are extremely thankful to the emergency services for their efforts. We would also like to thank the people who kindly provided transport for customers to enable them to travel home, as well as Liverpool City Council for establishing a relief centre for those needing shelter.

Merseyside Police have advised that vehicle owners should contact their own insurance company.   Please also refer to police updates – @merseypolice .

For information regarding ticket refunds please monitor Echo Arena social media channels. 

UPDATE - 8:16pm, 31 December 2017
The possibility of rescheduling tonight’s show to tomorrow has been discussed, but unfortunately this has not proven possible.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT - 7:45pm, 31 December 2017
On behalf of a spokesperson for Echo Arena: We regret to announce that the Liverpool International Horse Show has been cancelled tonight due to a serious fire in the multi storey car park on site.
All people and horses are safe and secure.

We are working alongside the emergency services to ensure the fire is brought under control and to make the site safe as quickly as possible. 

Further updates will be provided in due course.