Biodegradable Cups

If you've been to our campus, you would have noticed our magic cups!

At first glance it may look like a simple cup. But…not only is this one recyclable, but it’s fully biodegradable!

We would love you to do the right thing when disposing of it and choose to drop it into a recycling bin. However, as a backup we know that there are times when plastic products escape collection. In this situation our cups are fully biodegradable. Leaving behind no toxins or microplastics in the natural world.

How does it work?

Our cups are made with self-destructing plastic technology

The cups will break down into wax, and return to nature in less than a year, without any micro plastic being present.

Importantly if the amount of plastic can be reduced on land, it will automatically reduce the amount of plastic that enters rivers and oceans, thereby improving the marine environment. This is what makes these cups different to other technologies that leave plastic fragments or particles, and therefore are not truly biodegradable.

The material used on these magic cups is reinforced by the British standard BSI PAS 9017, which independently verifies that the plastic can biodegrade without causing any harm.

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