Terms & Conditions


We want you - and all of our visitors - to have the best possible event experience while you're at M&S Bank Arena Liverpool. To make sure that events run as smoothly as possible, we have a few Terms and Conditions of Entry related to our venue which we would like to bring to your attention.  These are made available in full on the reverse of your M&S Bank Arena Liverpool ticket, by clicking on the link to  ‘Terms and Conditions of Sale’, or on request by contacting M&S Bank Arena Liverpool’s box office.  An overview of our Terms and Conditions of Entry can be found below, but we do strongly advise you make yourself familiar with all Terms and Conditions of Entry prior to your arrival. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please take a look over our FAQ section.


When you purchase tickets via the M&S Bank Arena Liverpool website they'll be sent to you in the post approximately 10 days prior to the event taking place, unless you choose to pick them up from the M&S Bank Arena box office or TicketQuarter box office, or we tell you otherwise.

Please take care of your tickets as we may not be able to provide duplicate replacements.

Please note, standing tickets must be sent via Secure Mail and signed for unless you have chosen to collect from the box office. Under no circumstances can M&S Bank Arena Liverpool provide replacement standing tickets. For Ticket Conditions of Sale, click here.

If you have any queries regarding your tickets following purchase please email M&S Bank Arena Liverpool’s Customer Service team at customerservice@ticketquarter.co.uk.


Please check the M&S Bank Arena Liverpool website for up-to-date event information before travelling to your event.

To ensure your enjoyment of the show we strongly suggest you bring only event essential items into the venue. For the safety and security of all, and to minimise queuing times, we ask that customers do not bring bags in to the arena. If a bag is absolutely necessary and for essential items only, we will allow customers to bring one small bag no larger than A4, ideally this would be a clear bag to allow for quick and hygienic security searches.

Exemptions are allowed for medical purposes or for customers bringing changing bags for babies and young children

The ACC Liverpool Group reserve the right to provide alternative tickets at the Event should the staging of the Event so require e.g. due to unavoidable seating changes.

If a customer experiences any problems with their seating or enjoyment prior to or during the Event the Customer must inform venue staff immediately as issues cannot always be resolved after the event.

Please note loud music or noise can damage hearing and Customers who attend the Event do so at their own risk.  Ear plugs are available upon request – please ask a member of staff upon entry.

Only food and drink items purchased from authorised vendors in the Venue may be consumed in the Venue.  We are unable to permit any food or drink items brought to the venue; our staff may request any food or drink items brought to the venue to be disposed of, consumed prior to entry, or left in our storage cages.  Please remember, all items left within our storage cages are ticketed for ease of collection upon exit and are left at the owners own risk.

M&S Bank Arena Liverpool restricts the purchase of alcoholic beverages to a maximum of four (4) per person, per transaction.  We may also be required to decant bottled drinks into plastic cups.  Where possible, this information will be displayed at our catering kiosks.

Official merchandising shall only be on sale in the areas designated and/or licensed by The ACC Liverpool Group.

Electronic Devices

To help ensure the enjoyment of all audience members, we recommend customers bring with them only essential electronic items.  In most instances the promoter will allow small fixed lens cameras, set in still image mode, however we advise customers contact the Box Office prior to arrival to ascertain what the policy will be for the show.

Please note that M&S Bank Arena is unable to permit the following electronic devices and may be required to extend this on an event by event basis:

  • Professional-type cameras fitted with a detachable zoom lens and/or tripod (with the exception of officially accredited photographers covering the event)
  • Devices which permit streaming, video or audio recording
  • Tablet devices of any size
  • GoPro! or similar devices
  • Any other electronic device with camera and/or filming capability

 Mobile phones are permitted into the venue but customers may be requested to turn these off or refrain from capturing images by the promoter.  Disruption to other audience members through the continued use of electronic devices, including mobile phones, may result in the ticketholder being removed from the venue.

Venue entry

All tickets advise whether your entry point is on the Cityside or Riverside of the venue and stewards are positioned around public access areas to help.  Customers with floor standing tickets will be required to enter the venue from the floor entrances.  Please find your correct floor entry point by following signage/directions to the Cityside or Riverside standing door locations. 


M&S Bank Arena Liverpool reserves the right to refuse admission, or remove from the venue any customer acting in a way which, in the opinion of management is or may be undesirable, inappropriate, harmful, offensive, obscene, illegal, contrary to our Terms and Conditions of Entry, or may cause a breach of the peace.

Customers may also be refused entry or ejected from the venue on account of being (or appearing to be) underage (where relevant), abusive, threatening, drunken, declining to be searched, adversely affecting other people’s enjoyment of the Event, throwing any object or substance onto the performing area or otherwise in the Venue, standing on seats or in any walkways, climbing fencing (or any other structure) or smoking.  Please note that this list is non-exhaustive.

Any item identified to present a danger to our staff or members of the general public will be confiscated.  Restricted and illegal items management do not allow into the venue include: Smoke bombs, flares, items of a pyrotechnic nature; Streaming, video, or audio recording equipment; Professional cameras (deemed as those with detachable lenses and/or with a tripod); Backpacks, bags, or coolers; Packages/parcels; Umbrellas; Folding chairs; Food & drink; Glass / plastic / metal bottles or containers; Air horns; Helium balloons; Flag sticks; Signs / Banners (other than those listed below); Illegal drugs; Knives, firearms, or any other weapon; Fireworks; Aerosols; Stink bombs; CD ROMs; Chains and/or spiked bracelets; Laser pens; Crash helmets.  This list is non-exhaustive and will remain subject to The ACC Liverpool Group management.

No refunds or compensation of any kind will be offered to Customers who are refused entry or removed from the Venue.

Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult at the Event.  Please note the restrictions in the performance section of the Venue (the “Arena Bowl”).  The standing area of the Arena Bowl is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.  The ACC Liverpool Group reserves the right to remove any child who appears in the opinion of The ACC Liverpool Group to be under 14 years of age from the standing area of the Arena Bowl for safety reasons.

Latecomers may be admitted to the venue during a suitable break in the performance and at the discretion of the management and/or tour promoter.

Once tickets have been checked, customers will not be permitted to leave and re-enter. 


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in M&S Bank Arena Liverpool, and any visitor found smoking inside the Venue will be ejected immediately.

A designated external smoking area may be made available for events where conditions allow, however, we are unable to guarantee this provision until the day of the event.  We suggest you take appropriate steps prior to entry in the event that this area is unavailable during the event.  

Official merchandising shall only be on sale in the areas designated and/or licensed by The ACC Liverpool Group.


Subject to the following paragraph, all property brought in to the Venue is brought at the Customer’s risk and The ACC Liverpool Group shall not in any way be responsible for any theft, loss or any damage in respect of such property.

Neither The ACC Liverpool Group nor the Event Promoter will be responsible for any loss or, damage, death or injury howsoever caused (other than death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of The ACC Liverpool Group or the Event Promoter) unless The ACC Liverpool Group or the Event Promoter has breached its legal obligations and such a loss or damage is a direct and reasonably foreseeable result of the breach.

Subject to the foregoing, with regard to personal property, brought to the Venue, the liability of the relevant party shall be limited to the reasonable cost of either repairing or replacing such personal property, subject to fair wear and tear.


Customer details are managed in accordance with The ACC Liverpool Group’s data protection policy a copy of which can be obtained from The ACC Liverpool Group at its registered office or via the Internet at www.accliverpool.com

As filming and recording which has been authorised by The ACC Liverpool Group may be carried out at the Venue from time to time the Customer consents to being included in such films and recordings and the use, reproduction, storage, distribution and broadcasting of such films and recordings (including any copies made) by The ACC Liverpool Group without payment or notice.

The laws of England and Wales will apply to the Terms and Conditions of the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to these Terms and Conditions and any matters arising therefrom.

For a complete list of M&S Bank Arena Liverpool’s Terms and Conditions of Entry, please refer to the reverse of your M&S Bank Arena Liverpool ticket or click here.  Should you require a large print version of our Terms and Conditions of Entry please email M&S Bank Arena Liverpool’s box office.