Jamie Webster concert. Saturday 19 November 2022

Frequently asked questions

No, the venue was not over-crowded. We received reports of over-crowding at one of the floor bars, which was caused by customers entering the venue converging with a high demand for the bar. This was managed by our stewards and while police were called due to safety concerns, the event was deemed safe to carry on.

As part of the planning process we ensure appropriate staffing levels across all areas of the venue, specific to the requirements of individual events. In light of the issues experienced we are undertaking a full review of event resourcing templates to determine whether any changes are required. We would like to assure our customers that we continue to prioritise safety and security matters above any financial considerations.  


There were long queues at one door. As this was a very busy event and many people arrived at the same time, certain areas in the arena became congested. In order to allow the crowds to make their way to their ticket location we held the queues outside until it was safe to allow them to enter.

We have a dedicated security and stewarding team who are appropriately trained and experienced in working across all our venues. Security procedures are in place for all events and every event is risk assessed on an individual basis to determine requirements. We have a pre-approved, rigorous process in place with our service provider for checking tickets and we have not been made aware of any deviations from this, which involves a combination of digital checks and visual verification. We are carrying out a full investigation with our service provider with regards to reported individual experiences. We work closely with Merseyside Police and our event organisers to ensure the appropriate security checks are in place.

There was a large demand for drinks at this event and our bar facilities are not as expansive as we would like in the floor area of the arena. This is something we are considering as part of an upcoming capital development project.

There was an experienced management team on duty for the event who were closely managing every area of the building throughout. We work closely with our valued catering service provider and the situation at the floor bar was no reflection of our catering team members, who behaved in an exemplary way in difficult circumstances.

We can confirm that one of the men’s toilets became temporarily blocked and overflowed, affecting the whole block. Our facilities management team were on site and the issue was promptly resolved.  

We know that this event fell short of people’s expectations and for that we are truly sorry. A number of issues have been raised with us directly and we will endeavour to respond to all complaints individually. We urge people to share their experiences with us directly via feedback@accliverpool.com.

An investigation is ongoing to help us understand the issues from this event and ensure we learn from it.