Liverpool Waterfront

Want to take an iconic ‘Ferry Cross the Mersey’ and get a unique view of the city? Mersey Ferries take hundreds of thousands of people out onto the Mersey each year, as well as operating a range of attractions along the riverside and trips along the Manchester Ship Canal.

The award-winning Museum of Liverpool charts the city’s unique geography, heritage and culture. With exhibits revealing the history of the port, its people, their creativity and how they have shaped the city, this is the ideal place to discover how Liverpool has become the city it is today.

The Merseyside Maritime Museum is packed with fascinating architectural and mechanical inventions. The exhibition maps the industrial history of Liverpool docks, the city’s shipbuilding heritage and its global trade links.

The head office of the Royal Liver Friendly Society, the Liver Building is one of Liverpool’s most iconic structures and an imposing example of its stunning architecture. The Liver Birds are each 18ft high with a wing span of 12ft - a must-see.

Liverpool Tate is one of four major Tate galleries which together hold more than 70,000 artworks. Located at The Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool Tate is a fascinating attraction and just minutes’ walk from the venue.

Boasting the largest group of Grade I listed buildings in Britain, along with an eclectic selection of bars, restaurants, shops and cultural attractions, including some of the city's finest independents, Royal Albert Dock is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the UK.

Explore Liverpool’s history, humour and scenery with an open-top bus tour. A knowledgeable tour guide will help you seek out the best bits of the city, providing plenty of fascinating facts to help you understand why Liverpool is the city it is today.